Tee Ball

Tee Ball is for the player ages 4-6. In this Division players will be taught the basic baseball and softball skills. Though we call it Tee Ball most coaches decide to pitch to their players allowing them to quickly build the ability to track the ball.

Farm League

This division is for 7-8 year old boys. This division is also refered to as a machcine pitch division where the pitch is delivered by a spring type pitching machine.

Minors 9-10

This division is for 9-10 year old boys. This is the first division where a player pitcher is used. This is a very exciting division for the players and the parents to.

Majors 11-12

The Majors Division is for 11-12 year old players.

13-up (50/70)

The 50/70 division is the newest division in Little League Baseball. In 50/70 the mound will be at 50' and the base path will be 70'.

7-8 Softball

This Division is for 7-8year old girls. in this division a pitching machine will be used for pitching to allow more oppurtunity for the batter to put a ball in play.

Senior Baseball 13-16

Senior division is for 13 and 16 year old players